A commercial agency contract is a contract which is made when an agency agrees to get into an agreement with a particular property buyer for commercial use. Such contracts are written and formal in nature and the terms contained in the contract are legally binding in nature. Any such contract also consists of dates, details of parties etc…

Sample Commercial Agency Contract:

Commercial Agency Contract

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This contract has been entered into as on 24th July 2011

Duration of contract: 24 months

Termination date of contract: 24th July 2012

This contract has been signed between two parties whose details are given as follows:


Name: Mr. Robert Johnson

Address: 2-d,2nd floor, Paul’s road, CA

Contact number: 47390597555


Name: Mr. Fred Nelson

address: a-9,third floor, Coelho end street, CA

contact number: 479035709350

The agency shall handle all the commercial property tasks for the CLIENT under this contract for 24 months which includes of the following points:

  • Information of the best property deals
  • Offering best rates
  • Handling the paper work

The following are the obligations which must be fulfilled by both the involved parties:

  • The CLIENT must pay an amount of $1000 over the cost of the property to the agency.
  • The AGENCY must inform of the best deals in commercial property without being biased or carefree.
  • The CLIENT must make the payment on time and inform the AGENCY of the requirement of property whenever applicable.
  • The AGENCY must handle the paper work with collaboration with the lawyer of the CLIENT.

Signatures of the parties:

Robert Johnson

Fred Nelson

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