A coffee plantation franchise contract is a legal document which is drafted between a coffee manufacturing organization and an individual or an organization that owns a coffee plantation and intends to grow coffee exclusively for the coffee manufacturing organization. The owner of the coffee company is referred to as the franchisor and the plantation owner is referred to as the franchisee.

Sample Coffee Plantation Franchise contract

This coffee plantation franchise contract has been drafted on this day of 27th November, 2011 and entered into between Brew Coffee referred to as the franchisor whose chief office address is 567 Under Ground Road, New York, New Jersey and James Ivory referred to as the franchisee whose principal address is 234 Tent High Road, New York, New Jersey.

As per the contract the franchisee will manufacture coffee beans in his plantation to be supplied only to the franchisor.

There are few terms and conditions that the franchisee has to agree to:

  1. The franchisee will supply coffee beans only to the franchisor and no other coffee manufacturer.
  2. The franchisee has to pay a fee of $100000 in advance to procure the franchise license. Failure to pay up the whole amount will lead to termination of the contract.
  3. The franchisee assures that the quality of his coffee beans is as per the standards of the franchisor.
  4. The franchisee also assures that his plantation is location within 100 miles of the franchisor’s factory.

Please find the signatures of both the parties below:

Signature of franchisee:                                                              Signature of franchisor:

James Ivory                                                                       Henry Lee

(CEO, Brew Coffee)

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