Whenever a person  or a company hires another person or cleaning services company for the cleaning of a residential property, an outdoor space or any other premises, then the parties enter a formal agreement or arrangement which is known as a contract agreement for cleaning services. Such a contract is made in order to make sure that none of the parties act outside the realm of law and against the good faith of the other party. Such a contract specifies the fact that the cleaning service provider will be providing cleaning related service to the employer from a certain date to another date of time, the period between which is known as the effective length of the contract.

A contract agreement for cleaning services must be framed using a formal format and must begin by defining the personal details of both the parties.  The next section must consist of the details of the services which the service provider will be offering to the employer and the fee or salary which the employer will be paying in return for the services. The terms and conditions of such a contract must cover all possible clauses and roles which each party will be responsible for playing.

Sample Contract Agreement For Cleaning Services:

Contract Agreement For Cleaning Services1

Download Contract Agreement For Cleaning Services


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