A CIO employment contract is signed between the company and the CIO and this contract lays down the terms and conditions agreed between both the parties.

Sample CIO Employment Contract

Employment Contract Number: 120- P

Effective Date: October 10th, 2010

Dear Mr. Joan Watson,

On the behalf of the board of directors of Blue Mount Insurance Corporation Pvt. Ltd, we are happy that you have decided to join our finance firm as a chief Information Officer- Finance.

This employment contract is the demonstration of explaining the certain rules of working order and key core & conducts to operate the department successfully.

This contractual document is valid from October 18th, 2010 to October 18th, 2013.

Hereinafter, underneath mentioned are the covenants between the employee and employer organization:

Candidature Responsibilities: As being on the major designation, the candidate has to take care of functioning of the department and has to introduce the new plans to hype the business.

Annual Package: As per discussion the total annual package will be $ 1 million to be paid on the decided date to the provided bank account of the employee.

Rewards: The employee will be rewarded with huge increment & perks in case of heavy benefits received by the organization due to his efforts.

Renewal: After three years of contract, this official commitment can be renewed, if the performance during the candidature is found more than satisfactory.

Termination: If any violation & misconduct in terms of policy & strategy secrecy is leaked and the concerned person found guilty, the contract of employment for the designation of CIO- Finance will be dissolved.


Emma Smith,

Managing Director

Hereby, kindly sign the contract after understanding the above mentioned term & conditions, if you are truly interested to join us:


Joan Watson

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