A church wedding contract is a document which is signed between the wedding representatives and the church authorities where the wedding is supposed to take place. The contract certifies that the arrangement has been fixed by mutual consent of the church authorities and wedding representatives. The contract gives the details of the involved parties, the wedding and the terms of the contract.

Sample Church Wedding Contract

The contract is being entered between St. Cathedral Church and Mr. Ray Harper as on the date 15th February, 2012.

The contract specifies that the St. Cathedral Church and Mr. Ray Harper have agreed for the Ames wedding to take place at the respective church.

Details of the church:

Name: St. Cathedral Church

Authorized Personnel: Mr. John Hemmer

Location: 34th, St. James Lane, Hansford, New York, USA.

Contact No.:492-48-584

Details of the wedding representative:

Name: Mr. Ray Harper

Contact No.: 492-40-394

Details of the wedding:

Wedding date: 25th March 2012

Name of bride: Ms. Katherine Jones

Name of groom: Mr. Henry Ames

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The wedding arrangements will be made by the organizers, who must coordinate with the church authorities.
  2. There should not be any damage like putting in nails, tapes, paints etc. to the furniture or any other church property.
  3. The preparations are the responsibility of the wedding organizers.
  4. No one except the organizers and workers shall occupy the church premises before the wedding starts.
  5. The cleaning of the church is the responsibility of the organizers.
  6. The music, decoration materials to be brought in the church must be approved by the authorities.


_________________________ (Mr. John Hemmer)

_________________________ (Mr. Ray Harper)

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