When a cellular phone seller enters into an agreement to sell his products to a buyer, a legal document is drafted between both the parties which is known as a cellular phone sales contract. These types of contracts include the details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Cellular Phone Sales Contract

Cellular phone sales contract number: CP 34

Effective date of contract: 12th of June 2011

This contract has been drafted and entered between Tim Robbins referred to as the seller with cellular phone shop located at 12 Times Square, New York North Dakota 2756 and Tom Hanks referred to as the buyer with residential address located at 23 Piccadilly Square, New York North Dakota 2745. As per the contract the seller is supposed to sell and deliver cellular phones of a certain brand and model number to the buyer.

Details of the cellular phone:

Model make: Pineapple

Model number: N2000

Date of manufacture: 5th of January 2011

Number of pieces in the lot: Fifty

Terms and conditions:

  1. The seller has to deliver the cellular phones to the residential address of the buyer.
  2. The buyer has to make 50% of the payment in advance and the remaining 50% after getting the delivery of the phones.
  3. The seller assures that he will check the cellular phones for defect before delivering.
  4. The contract is valid till the delivery is made.

In agreement to these terms and conditions, the parties provide their signature below:

Signature of the seller:                                                              Signature of the buyer:

Tim Robbins                                                                               Tom Hanks

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