A catering contract agreement is a kind of an agreement that has been made between a client and a service provider who is hired by the client to provide catering services. This type of a contract agreement is legal in nature, which means that the terms and conditions of such an arrangement are obligatory for both the parties to follow and abide by. Given below is the sample of one such catering contract agreement.

Sample Catering Contract Agreement

This agreement is being signed between and by Hope & Faith Catering Services Ltd. (to be referred to as the “service provider”) and Mr. Liam Rocker (the client).

Date of signing the contract: 14th July 2013

The agreement states that Mr. Liam Rocker has contracted Hope & Faith Catering Services Ltd. to fulfil the catering duties at an event. Further details of the parties and event are as follows:

Details of the client:

Name: Mr. Liam Rocker

Contact No.: 57864735

Details of the service provider:

Name: Hope & Faith Catering Services Ltd.

Under Signatory: Ms. Faith Archer

Contact No.: 75463562

Details of the event:

Event type: Official Conference Meeting

Date of the event: 20th July 2013

Location: 65, 5th and Mains, New Madison Square, New York, USA.

Gathering: 200 members

Agreement Terms and Conditions:

33. The catering service provider will be paid 40% of the full amount in advance. The rest 60% will be made at the location post event.

34. The firm requiring the service must discuss the menu with the catering agency in advance for the event.

35. The specified gathering number must be complied with. In case of any changes to the number, the catering service must be notified in advance.

36. The catering service must make all the arrangement as per the specifications of the contracting party.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Liam Rocker                         Ms. Faith Archer


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