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A sales agent is a person or a professional who is hired by employers to help them make sales of their products or services. Whenever an employer hires a sales agent, then both the parties may enter into an agreement based on mutual understanding and such an agreement is known as an agreement contract for sales agent.  An agreement contract for sales agent is a formal and legal document by the means of which both the parties assert their right to justice in case the other party violates or breaches the agreed terms and conditions.

An agreement contract for sales agent is a formally drafted document which must be very detailed and should list out several details such as details of parties, dates of commencement and termination, details of job duties of sales agent as well as the terms and conditions of the agreement. The terms and conditions of the agreement must specify exactly how the parties must conduct themselves during the length of contract and how they should act in certain situations. The exact payment amount which the employer shall pay to the sales agent must also be provided in the document for future confirmation and reference.

Sample Agreement Contract For Sales Agent:

Agreement Contract For Sales Agent

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Whenever a person who owns a house agrees to rent it out to another person or party, then both the parties enter into a legal and formal arrangement which enforces them to remain within the boundaries of law during the term of the arrangement. This formal arrangement is more simply known as a contract agreement for rental house. A contract agreement for a rental house is made between a landlord and a tenant and defines the way the parties have to act during the length of the arrangement or association. For example, it defines how much rent will the tenant pay to the landlord and how the landlord holds the basic rights over the property.

A contract agreement for rental house is a formally drafted document which must consist of the personal details of the parties, the rental payment details, the details of the facilities offered to the tenant as well as the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions must define the date on which the tenant must pay the rent and how the landlord will have the right to visit the property. A contract agreement for rental house should be signed by the parties at the end.

Sample Contract Agreement For Rental House:

Contract Agreement For Rental House2

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Whenever a person  or a company hires another person or cleaning services company for the cleaning of a residential property, an outdoor space or any other premises, then the parties enter a formal agreement or arrangement which is known as a contract agreement for cleaning services. Such a contract is made in order to make sure that none of the parties act outside the realm of law and against the good faith of the other party. Such a contract specifies the fact that the cleaning service provider will be providing cleaning related service to the employer from a certain date to another date of time, the period between which is known as the effective length of the contract.

A contract agreement for cleaning services must be framed using a formal format and must begin by defining the personal details of both the parties.  The next section must consist of the details of the services which the service provider will be offering to the employer and the fee or salary which the employer will be paying in return for the services. The terms and conditions of such a contract must cover all possible clauses and roles which each party will be responsible for playing.

Sample Contract Agreement For Cleaning Services:

Contract Agreement For Cleaning Services1

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In several situations persons or parties may need to hire artists to get a certain task or project done. For example, artists may be needed to paint certain paintings for a hotel or a building or artists may be needed to craft pots using their pottery skills etc. In such cases, the artist as well as the client enters into what is known as a contract agreement for artist. This type of a contract agreement lists down all those details which keep the parties into mutual agreement with one another. Such a contract is a legally binding document which lays down the terms and conditions agreed between the parties.

A contract agreement for artist is a formally drafted document which must be framed using a formal tone and structure. It must state the effective date of hiring the artist and the period till which his/her services will be needed. The contract document must also consist of the nature of the job of the artist along with the total sum that he/she will be paid on completion or before. The terms and conditions must clearly give details of the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties in the contract.

Sample Contract Agreement For Artist:

Contract Agreement For Artist

Sample Contract Agreement For Artist

A person assistant agreement contract is a formal document which is drafted in the case when a person hires a personal assistant on an agreement or contractual basis. Such a contract defines the fact that the personal assistant will work for the employer for a certain period of time and will be paid a certain amount of monthly/yearly/hourly salary. Such a contract is a legally binding document which means that within its contract term, if any of the parties violate the terms or conditions, then that party has to face legal implications or action.

A personal assistant agreement contract is divided into several parts. The first part defines the parties, their addresses, contact numbers and other such details. The next part defines the effective date of contract, its total contract period and its termination date. The contract must also define the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties as well as the total salary which the employer will pay to the employee. The terms and conditions are the most important section of any such contract and stress on the various rules and clauses of the arrangement made.  A personal assistant agreement contract must be signed off at the end by both parties.

Sample Personal Assistant Agreement Contract:

personal assistant agreement contract

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