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A commercial rental lease is a type of a lease arrangement which is made to rent out a commercial property.  When two parties agree to mutually decide on a commercial rental lease, then they may decide to enter into an agreement or contract which is known as a commercial rental lease contract. A commercial rental lease contract is a formal arrangement which is framed in order to formalize the commercial rental procedure between the involved parties. The contract is a legally enforceable document which means that if any of the terms are violated, then the party at fault has to face legal implications.

A commercial rental lease contract is designed in such a way that all the situations and their consequences are covered in the part of the terms and conditions.  The terms and conditions must also define the roles and responsibilities of the parties. The contract should also include the commencement date of contract, termination date of contract and the total effective length of the contract.  The document should give the total rental payment for the commercial property and the date on which it is to be paid. The contract must be signed by the involved parties at the end.

Sample Commercial Rental Lease Contract:

Commercial Rental Lease Contract




A commercial real estate is a type of a property which is to be used only for commercial purpose. When a commercial real estate property is put on lease then the contract that is formed between the lessor and the lessee is known as a commercial real estate lease contract. Such a contract is used to seal all the points of lease that are mutually agreed and discussed between the involved parties. The main purpose of forming these contracts is to protect the rights of both of the lessor and the lessee and to safeguard them against fraud.

A commercial real estate lease contract is a contract which is legal in nature. This means that the law makes it mandatory for the parties to follow the terms and these terms cannot be breached. A commercial real estate lease contract must mention the time period for which the lease will remain effective and the lease payment which lessee will have to make to the lessor on a monthly basis.  The contract should clearly specify what the roles of each of the parties will be during the contract and must also give the things which the parties are not allowed to do.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract :

Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract

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Commercial properties are those types of properties which are used for commercial purpose like opening up of offices, opening of retail stores, setting up workshops, repair shops etc. Whenever a commercial property is leased by the owner to another party or person for a certain length of time and in return for a certain sum of money, then the contract that is made is known as a commercial property lease contract. The contract makes use of several legal definitions, a few of which are given below in context of such a lease arrangement:

LESSOR-the person who owns the commercial property and leases it out

LESSEE-The person who agrees to pay lease amount for usage of a commercial property

COMMENCEMENT DATE-The date from which the lessee uses the commercial property

TERMINATION DATE-The date on which the lessee must stop using the property

LEASE PAYMENT-the monthly payment or rental which the lessee must pay to the lessor for use of the commercial property.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS-The section where all the clauses and rules of the commercial property lease contract are given and the way the parties are expected to act is mentioned.

VIOLATION-breach of any of the terms of the contract.

Sample Commercial Property Lease Contract :

Commercial Property Lease Contract

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Whenever two or more parties agree to enter an arrangement for the lease of a commercial property then this arrangement is termed as a commercial property lease agreement contract in legal terms.  A commercial property lease agreement contract is a document which binds the parties together. These contracts are made between the owner of the commercial property (lessor) and the person who leases the property (lessee). The contract is made from the commencement date and the termination date, the period between which is known as effective period of contract.

The following are a few of the details which are given in a commercial property lease agreement:

  • The details of the parties-names, address, contact numbers.
  • The details of the rental payment-the monthly amount to be paid by the lessee to the lessor.
  • Details of commercial property-address, size of property, usage and specifications.
  • Terms and conditions-the details of the roles of the parties, their responsibilities, the consequences of breach, the consequences of late payment etc. The terms and conditions must also include the way the lessor expects the lessee to use the property and the condition in which the property is expected back after termination date.

Sample Commercial Property Lease Agreement Contract :

Commercial Property Lease Agreement Contract

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A commercial lease is a type of a lease which is made in the case when a commercial property or equipment is leased from the owner by another person or party for a fixed period of time. Whenever the owner of the commercial asset enters into a mutual understanding for lease of the asset, then the contract that formulates is known as a commercial lease agreement contract. The formal titles given to the participants of such a contract are lessor and lessee. Such contracts are highly important in nature and the reasons for the same are provided below:

  • Commercial lease agreement contracts can be used as proof of mutually discussed terms in the case when one of the parties violates any of the terms or conditions.
  • These contracts act as safeguard measures to protect rights of the properties and avoid them from bearing any kind of loss.
  • Commercial lease agreement contracts specify the rental payment details and the total effective period, both of which are important for the future course of the contract.
  • A commercial lease agreement contract helps the law bodies to investigate the issue and resolve any kind of dispute between the lessor and the lessee.

Sample Commercial Lease Agreement Contract :

Commercial Lease Agreement Contract

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