Those contracts which are formed between car owners and those individuals who rent their car for a certain fixed period of time are known as car lease contracts.  In such contracts, it is especially mentioned that the lessee, at no point can opt to purchase the car. This is the point which makes car lease contracts different from car lease purchase contracts.

A car lease purchase contract is a kind of a contract which too is formed between a car owner and a lessee but includes the option of purchasing the car. This means that the lessee can request the lessor for buying the vehicle during the effective length of contract or after that for an amount which is decided by the owner.

A car lease purchase contract consists of several terms and conditions, each of which describes the role of the involved parties and responsibilities of each one of them. These terms describe the conditions under which the lessee will be allowed to buy the car and the cost for which he/she shall be able to purchase it. The contract document is a legal document whose terms or details cannot be violated by the lessor or the lessee without facing legal charges.

Sample Car Lease Purchase Contract


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