A car dealership contract is a contract which is signed and drafted between the manufacturer company of a car and a dealer who wishes to sell the cars produced by manufacturer. Such contracts are legal by nature which means that violation of terms and conditions is not allowed by law.

Sample car dealership contract:

This contract is made effective as on 28th June 2011

This contract has been made by and between Marvel cars which is herein referred to as the COMPANY and Max Auto dealers which is herein referred to as the DEALER

COMPANY details:

Owner: Mr. Henry Butler

Head office address: b-9, Kell Street, CA

DEALER details:

Owner: Mr. Sam Max

Showroom address: C-45, Red road, CA

The COMPANY wishes to hand over dealership of all their cars produced between the year 2005 and 2011.

The total dealership amount to be paid each month is: $70000

Period of contract: 3 years.

The following are the terms and conditions to be followed by the involved parties of the contract:

  • This contract shall terminate as on 28th June,2014
  • The COMPANY shall send the first batch of cars before effective date of contract.
  • The DEALER agrees to make payment at the 1’St of each month of the monthly equal amount to be paid.
  • The COMPANY must send 10 cars each of each model.
  • Both the parties agree to the terms and conditions of the contract and realise that any violation can lead to legal actions.

Validation of contract:

Henry Butler

Sam Max

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