Capital investment contract is a contract between two parties who mutually decide to form partnership with each other for the purpose of raising their capitals.

Sample Capital Investment Contract

Contract no: – 78/LK

This contract commences on 5th February 2010,


Harvard instruments,

50 Avenue Streets

Toronto, Canada


Young company

36, tom fort

Dallas, U.S.


Harvard instrument promotes young company by investing, funding and operating assets for the purpose of:-

  • Research and development work
  • Introducing latest technological and innovative products.


  • Young company has the right to withdraw funds up to a limit of $50,000.
  • Young company can start withdrawing amount as soon as the partnership becomes functional.
  • Details of the money withdrawn is to be shared with Harvard instruments and should be notified in written


Harvard instruments have no say in the management of Young Company.

Young company shall take approval of Harvard instruments in the following matters:-

  • Decision of employment of employees lies wholly and solely with Young Company
  • Change of premises of business
  • Amendment, conclusion or termination of sales contract


  • Young Corporation shall report to Harvard Instruments semi-annually and give an entire report of the business in progress.
  • Harvard instruments have the right to ask for business reports any time during the financial year.


In case young company doesn’t use any funds till the first quarter of the partnership, the contract is by default said to terminate.

Hereafter, the contract is said to validate.

Signature of Harvard Instruments


Signature of Trusted Corporations


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