A café franchise contract is a legal document which is drafted when an individual takes the franchise ownership of a café under the brand name of a famous chain of cafes. These types of contract lay down the details of both the parties and the terms and conditions of the contract.

Sample Café Franchise Contract:

Franchise contract number: G45 VB6

Date of Registration: 10th of February 2010

This franchise contract is being drafted between Sify Internet Cafe with head office located at:

412 York Shire Road,

New York, New Jersey 2134.


Mr. John Marshall residing at:

521 Aspen Street,

New York, New Jersey 4124.

For the opening of an outlet of a Sify Internet Cafe at the below mentioned address:

412 High School Road,

New York, New Jersey 4123.

The following terms and conditions have to be followed by the franchise owner:

  1. Infrastructure: The café should have a minimum area of 300 sq feet. All the systems in the café should have the latest version of Windows installed. The café should be centrally air conditioned.
  1. Investment: All the investment should be borne by the franchise holder. The café group will not contribute any amount for the required capital. The franchise holder should pay the license fees to run the cage under the name of the café group.
  1. Cancellation of contract: Either of the parties can cancel the contract at any time prior to which they need to give a one month notice.

It is evident that parties have agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned above by putting their signature below:

Signature of franchisee holder:                                             Signature of the café group:

John Marshall                                                                                       John Woo

(CEO, Sify Internet Cafe)

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