A business training contract is a legal document which is framed when an individual agrees to take business related training from a training institute or centre. These contracts are formally drafted and are based upon certain terms and conditions which have to be mutually agreed upon by both the parties involved in the contract. Given below is a sample of a business training contract for your reference purpose.

Sample business training contract:

This contract is made between two parties who are hereafter referred to as the TRAINER and the TRAINEE.

Mr. Paul Beckinsale is herein known as the TRAINEE and agrees to undertake a training program under the TRAINER for business training.

Address of TRAINEE: 34-h, Middle West road, CA

Phone: 4370930904

Mr. Roger White is herein known as the TRAINER and agrees to give training to the TRAINEE for running and establishing a business organisation.

Address of TRAINER: A-89, first floor, Marks worth street, CA

Phone: 47203904044

Details of the business training

Commencement date: 12th March 2011 for 6 months

Business training shall include a 4 part procedure which will include establishment, funds, business administration, and staff management.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The TRAINER agrees to provide training to the TRAINEE for 6 months every week for 5 days as decided mutually amongst the parties.
  • The TRAINEE agrees to be present on all training days and must inform the TRAINEE in case of absence atleast a day before.

Signatures of the parties:

Paul Beckinsale

Roger White

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