A business to business contract is a legally processed document which lays down the terms and conditions between two business organisations, when they decide to work together.

Sample Business To Business Contract

Contract Date: October 14th, 2010       contract Number: 345 BB

This business to business contract is commenced between Harrison Motors Pvt. Ltd (hereinafter called as the seller) AND Lemma internationals Pvt. Ltd (hereinafter called as the buyer), whereas the buyer is interested to invest the money in business of the seller and the seller is interested to work with the buyer.

This contract is starting on October 24th, 2010 and is ending on October 24th, 2012.

Hereby, following are the agreed terms & conditions for the seller organization and the buyer organization:

Buyer’s Obligation & Responsibilities:

The buyer is interested to invest the agreed amount of $ 67890 into the business of the seller. The buyer will make the first instalment of $ 4500 through online bank transfer and will pay the pending instalment on committed date of  28th on each month.

Sellers Duties:

The seller will provide an authenticated slip on the receiving of each amount with recognised stamp and signatures. The total profit will be shared between both the parties, whereas the buyer will take 45% and the seller will claim 55% of the total benefit.


The termination can take place in the matter of any serious monetary issue. This is applicable for both the parties.

Both the parties will sign this contract in order to start the business:

Signature of the Seller:

Will Smith

Signature of the buyer:

Emma Timberlake

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