The businesses nowadays have become more aware of their social responsibilities. As a result various business organisations are getting attached to various social organisations and are taking up various social projects. A business social contract refers to the document which certifies to the arrangement whenever a business takes up a social cause/ project. The sample given below represents the arrangement between a developing firm and an NGO. The terms of the contract work the details of the arrangement.

Sample Business Social Contract

This contract is being entered between James Pearson Developers Ltd. (to be referred to as company hereon after) and Mason Charitable Trusts (to be referred to as the 2nd party hereon after) on the date of signing mentioned below.

Date of signing the contract: 20th April 2013

The statement of this contract specifies that the company has agreed to assist the 2nd party in its social causes and social events.

Details of the company:

Name: James Pearson Developers Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. James Pearson

Designation: Chairman

Official Address: 3rd and Mains, Elliot Towers, New York, USA.

Web Address:

Contact No.: 67576654, 67569875

Details of the 2nd party:

Name: Mason Charitable Trusts

Signatory: Mr. Keith Mason

Contact Address: 234, Newman Street, Peyton Carr Buildings, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Web Address:

Contact No.: 85709385

Terms and Conditions:

1. The mentioned company by the way of this contract agrees to make regular monthly monetary advances to the mentioned 2nd party.

2. The company also agrees to provide other help as required by the 2nd party and as possibly suitable for the company.

3. The decisions regarding the projects/ events for which the advances may be used are to be taken by both the parties in consultation and agreement.


I herby agree to the above mentioned terms of the contract.

_______________________ _______________________

Mr. James Pearson                        Mr. Keith Mason

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