Business service contract is signed between two parties- the client and the provider, where the provider agrees to perform a number of services for the client for a pre-determined period of time and cost of service.

Sample Business Service Contract

This business service contract is entered into by

Provider: Biztree CompuTech Solutions Private Limited

Address of the Provider: 2465, Felipe San, Suite 543, Houston, Texas- 409348.

Client: New Age Toxicology Research Centre

Address of the client: 3819, Mistlewild, Houston, Texas- 409598.

On the date: 7 January, 2011.

In this business service contract, the client has engaged the provider for the list of services given below. The provider has decided to offer the following services under the terms and conditions listed as the imbursement for the services provided.

List of Services:

  • Servicing of all the office computers and laptops and their accessories.
  • Submission of the list of parts and accessories to be replaced.
  • Submission of a regular weekly report of the service provided.

Imbursement for the Services:

  • The client shall pay $1000 per month for the services provided.
  • The payment should reach the accounts of the service providers by 5th of each month.
  • On failure of being able to do so, a fee of $5 is to be paid daily for each day after the 5th.

Laws Applicable to this Business Service Contract:

This contract shall be governed by the laws of Texas and other applicable federal laws.

In agreement to this contract both parties are to affix their signatures in the space given below.

Biztree CompuTech Solutions Private Limited   New Age Toxicology Research Centre

Signature of Provider                                   Signature of Client

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