A business premises lease contract refers to those contracts which are signed when a business entity leases out a premises to carry on its operations. The contract is signed between the business entity taking the lease and the entity which is leasing out the respective property. A sample of such a lease contract has been given below, it records the details of the property and the parties involved.

Sample Business Premises Lease Contract

Date of signing: 25th May 2012.

This contract has been prepared to be entered between Marilyn Mosses Design Studio and Mr. Jonathan McGriff as on the date mentioned above.

The contract states that Ms. Marilyn Donavan, the business owner leasing the property, has leased a business premises property from Mr. Jonathan McGriff, the property owner, as on the date of signing of the contract.

Details of the Business:

Business Name: Marilyn Mosses Design Studio

Authorized Personnel: Ms. Marilyn Donavan

Position: Manager/ Co- founder

Contact No.: 347-346-776

Details of the Property Owner:

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Jonathan McGriff

Position: Partner/ C.E.O.

Contact No.: 261-146-902

Details of Property:

Location: 3247, James Carl Crossing, Milwaukee, USA.

Size: 400 sq ft

Type: Commercial space

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The lease has been issued for a period of 2 years.
  2. On expiry of the lease a new contract must be drawn and the parties may renew the terms or/ and the rent etc.
  3. The lease does not in any way imply a permanent transfer of ownership of the property.


_________________________ (Ms. Marilyn Donavan)

_________________________ (Mr. Jonathan McGriff)

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