When two or more individuals or entities agree to venture into a business opportunity as partners they may require signing a contract which records this respective arrangement. These sorts of contracts are called business partner contracts. The contract gives the details of the business which they are starting in partnership and other relevant details of the parties involved.

Sample Business Partner Contract

The respective contract has been prepared by and is being entered between Mr. Henry Larson and Ms. Kathy Gilmore.

Date of signing the contract: 15th February, 2012.

The contract certifies that Mr. Henry Larson and Ms. Kathy Gilmore have agreed to start a new business operation under the name M/s Delicacy Caterers. They will manage the business in partnership.

Details of the Firm:

Name: Mr. Henry Larson

Contact No.:574-86-086

Address: 47, St. James Lane, New York, USA

Details of the Investor:

Name: Ms. Kathy Gilmore

Address: House No. 5, St. Patrick Lane, New York, USA.

Contact No.:574-73-848

Details of the Business:

Official Name: M/s Delicacy Caterers

Address: 69th, Haley Corn Street, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Contact No.: 498-27-646

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 1. All decisions regarding the finances of the business must be undertaken in agreement by both the partners.
  2. 2. The profits and losses from the respective business venture have to be split in an equal proportion.
  3. 3. All decisions regarding the employment and management must be taken in accordance with both partners, or in accordance with one if other is unavailable or grants permission to his/ her partner to make the decisions.


_____________________ (Mr. Henry Larson)

_____________________ (Ms. Kathy Gilmore)

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