A business management contract is one where a business owner hires an individual or a company for the management of the business. This kind of a contract is signed on mutual agreement of certain obligations and is formal in nature.

Sample business management contract:

Contract code number: DL-H9

This contract is made effective on the date: 3rd July, 2011

This is a business management contract which has been drafted between two parties with the following details:

OWNER Details:

Name: Mr. Chandler Green

Name of Business organisation: Green software

Address of business office: 45-J fields street, CA

The OWNER owns the business which deals with the development of software and application.

MANAGER Details:

Name: Mr. Harrison Davis

Contact number: 48309480355

The MANAGER is a qualified business management expert who is hired by the OWNER of the business.

Payment attributes:

The MANAGER shall be paid an amount of $3000 per month during the contract period. This amount shall be paid in the first week of each month.

Contract Term:

This contract comes into effect on the effective date as mentioned earlier and will remain into effect till 1 calendar year.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  1. The OWNER shall pay the salary on time and must not terminate the contract before 1 year period.
  2. The MANAGER cannot work as a business manager in any other organisation as long as this contract is in effect.
  3. The MANAGER would have to carry out all tasks which help in the management of the business operations.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms of the contract:

Chandler Green                   Harrison Davis

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