A business license contract is a legal document which is drafted between two parties, one of which is the owner of the business and the other is one who wishes to have license and rights for the business for a fixed period of time. This contract consists of certain terms and conditions based upon which the contract is signed.

Sample business license contract

This contract is made between Seaside food Restaurant which is hereby referred to as the licensor and Jacob Corp. which is hereby referred to as the licensee. This contract comes into effect as on 26th July 2011.


Owner: Mr. Mathew Hay

Address: D-89, third floor, Roose tower, Canada

Contact number: 4830948305383


Owner: Jacob Mark

Address: F-90, second floor, River end road, Canada

Contact number: 4870948305455

Business details:

Seaside food restaurant has been into existence since the year 2001 and is situated at 45-FG, middle street, Canada.

Manager name: Mr. Tim dokoty

License code of business: FG-90

Total amount for license granting: $70000

The licensee shall have the license for running the restaurant business for a duration of 12 months from effective date.

Terms and conditions:


The contract shall terminate on 26th July 2012

  • The licensee must carry on running the business according to the regulations of the licensor.
  • The licensor shall hold a right to inspection of the restaurant at any given point of time during the contract period.
  • The licensee must not hand over the business to any third party or individual.

Both the parties hereby validate the contract:

Mathew Hey

Jacob Mark

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