Business Development Consulting Contract

When it comes to businesses, business development is an important matter which is to be taken care of. Thus businesses often hire business development consultants for this purpose. When a business hires a business development consultant, then the contract made between the employer and the business development consultant is known as a business development consulting contract.  Such contracts specify the main job duties, responsibilities and work tasks of the consultant along with the days of work, timings of work and other such matters.

The following are some of the details which a business development consulting contract usually contains:

  • A business development consulting contract should lay down the main personal details of the parties involved.
  • It must also talk about the kind of services the consultant will be offering and the level of interference the client will have in those services.
  • The contract should lay down the salary that the client will be giving to the consultant either on a per hour basis, a per month basis or yearly basis, whichever is applicable.
  • A business development consulting contract must also specify in detail all the terms and conditions to which the parties have agreed and on the basis of which they sign the document.

Sample Business Development Consulting Contract:

Business Development Consulting Contract

Download Business Development Consulting Contract


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