A contract which is formed between a business development representative and a business organisation is known as a business development representative contract. Such a contract lays down the terms and conditions on which the representative is hired by the company and also defines his/her role in the working of the company.

Any such contract is a legally binding document which consists of certain clauses and covenants which must be followed by both the parties to avoid any kind of legal actions taken against them. A sample of one such business development representative contract has been given below for your reference.

Sample Business Development Representative Contract

This contract has been formulated on the effective date of 18th Jan 2013 and shall remain into effect for a period of 12 months.

Termination date of contract: 18th Jan 2014

This business development representative contract has been formed between the Employer and the Employee wherein the Employer has hired the Employee for a period of 12 months and to provide business development services to the organisation.

Employer Details:

Name: Paul Henderson

Name of company: Henderson Furnishings

Official address: A-78, Light and dark enclave, London

Phone number: 4709240940

Employee Details:

Name: Peter Pettigrew

Residential Address: F-67, third floor, Paul tower, London

Phone number: 4703982494

Details of Business Development Representation:

The Employee must work to build the business and improve the image of the company.

The Employee is responsible for building relations with clients and customers.

Payment Details:

Salary per month: $5000

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Employer agrees to hire the Employee for 12 months and the Employee agrees to work as a business development representative in the company.
  • The Employer¬†must make pay the salary within the first 4 days of each month.
  • The Employee has to follow all the duties and responsibilities which have been explained by the Employer during the contract term.


Paul Henderson

Peter Pettigrew

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