A business corporate contract is a contract made for a corporate business firm. This contract contains information like the services being exchanged between the two parties and the term of for which the service will be exchanged and the cost of availing these services.

Sample Business Corporate Contract:

This contract is being made on 20th December 2010 between:

Name: Aries Garments Ltd

Address: 1234 West Eastern Road, New Land, Los Angeles 4523.

Contact number: +1-78945623


Name: Weston Finance Solutions

Address: 4321 West Eastern Road, New Land, Los Angeles 4523.

Contact number: +1-45612345

Aries Garments Ltd is taking financial consultancy services from Weston Finance Solutions as per the Consultancy Services Act stated in the state laws of Los Angeles.

In order to fulfill this contract both the party should agree to the following terms and conditions:

a)   The contract begins on 22nd December 2010 and ends on 21st December 2010. The choice of extending the contract is at the discretion of either of the parties.

b)   Weston Finance Solutions should respect the confidential information of Aries Garments Ltd. In case they leak out any information the contract will be terminated and Aries Garments Ltd can take legal action.

c)   Aries Garments Ltd will be paying Weston Finance Solutions consultation fees of $25000 on a monthly basis. Any default in payment will lead to termination of contract.

d)   Weston Finance Solutions will have access to all the financial information of Aries Garments Ltd.

Both the parties have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions and confirmed this by putting their signature below:

James Watt                                                                                          John Franco

(CEO, Aries Garments Ltd)                                                                (Weston Finance Solutions)

Dated: 20/12/2010                                                                               December: 20/12/2010

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