A business contract is a legally drafted document between the two interested parties in order to exchange the business service for financial benefits.

Sample Business Contract

Business Contract Number:  123- BC

This business contract is an official understanding by and between Mr. Will Anderson, hereinafter called as the owner resided at 67/ B, Flower  Villa, Sun Rise Road, Ottawa, Canada AND Ms. Lilly Paterson, hereinafter called distributor party located at: Office Number: 23/ K, Saint Louise Street, Toronto, Canada.

The Owner party has received the request from the distributor party in order to commence the business relationship by hiring a distribution contract from the owner organization in Toronto, Canada.

Therefore, both the parties will work according to the promised term & conditions:

Business responsibilities:

The distributor will be responsible for placing the product over all leading retails outlets of Toronto, Canada. The owner will provide the necessary support and marketing material for the same.


The distributor will make an initial payment for registration of $ 3450. After completing the assigned distribution targets, the distributor will be rewarded with 35% of the total benefit.

Renewal of the contract;

If the distributor is working effectively and generating desired business then the contract can be renewed for two more years.


Any kind of violation to the covenants & terms will call the termination of the business contract. This is applicable for both the parties.

Hereby, both the parties are agreed to accept the business contract:

Signature of the Owner:

Will Anderson

Signature of the Distributor:

Lilly Paterson



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