A business contract is a legal document between two parties entering into any kind of business transaction and mentions the rules and procedures to be followed by both the parties. A business contract template mentions the format in which the contract should be drafted.

Sample Business Contract Template:

This business contract is being drafted on ___________________ [date on which the contract he been prepared] between _______________ [name of the first party] with head office located at _________________ [address at which the office is located] and _____________ [name of the second party] with head office located at _______________ [address at which the office is located].

The contract has been prepared keeping in mind the laws of the state of _______________ [name of the state]. _______________ [name of party 1] and __________________ [name of party 2] have entered into this contract with the purpose of _______________ [reason for entering into the business contract].

Both the parties entering into the contract have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

a)   Fees: __________ [party 1] will be paying _______________ [party 2] a total amount of ____________ [the total amount in dollars] for the services provided by __________ [party 2]. The total amount has to be paid before the contract begins.

b)   Termination of contract: ___________ [party 1] can terminate the contract at any point is he is not satisfied with the service. ____________ [party 2] can terminate the contract if he does not receive payment in full.

c)    End date: The contract ends on __________ [contract end date].

Signature: __________ [party 1]                                   Signature: ___________ [party 2]

Dated: ________ [dd/mm/yy format]                            Dated: _________ [dd/mm/yy format]

Jack Daniels                                                                                                      John Woo

(CEO, Ron Manufactures Ltd)                                                               (CEO, Tin Garments)

Dated: 22nd December 2010                                                                  Dated: 22nd December 2010

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