A business contract form is that legal document which two parties require for exchanging service between them. Such kind of contract forms is used as a business agreement between two parties. This is based on few terms and conditions which should be abide by both the parties.

Sample Business Contract Forms

This business contract agreement is done between Mr. Marshall James of ABC Company and Mr. John Swift of XYZ company on March 22, 2010. The contract period is of 5 years after which extension of this contract would be renewed by the consent of both the parties.

Mention the amount or profit or loss percentage that is agreed to be shared among both the parties________________________

Mention the total work schedule _____________

Payment schedule ___________

Mention the license number _________________

Mention the name of the services that would be shared among both _______________________


Mention the name of the business insurances along with the policy number and insurance amount.

Insurance name                         Policy no                             Insurance amount

_______________________       _____________                     ________________

_______________________       _____________                     ________________

_______________________       _____________                     ________________

Terms and conditions:

  • Both the parties have agreed to bear the loss and profit on equal shares among each other.
  • Violation of any one term from one end within the period of contract will be subjected to legal issues.
  • No parties are responsible or liable for any kind of loss.
  • Both the parties should make signature on this contract to carry over the business together for a period.

_________________                                       __________________

Mr. Marshall James                                          Mr. Jonathan Swift

For ABC Company                                           for XYZ Company

Address: 123, Upper Row,                               Address: 23/1, Hillock Square,

Down Street, LA.                                              Washington D.C.




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