A business contract agreement is a legal document between two entities in exchange of monetary services for a business. An offer should be made and also accepted to make the contract applicable.

The contract makes sure that the rules and regulations are followed and not violated. It also helps in avoiding future dispute between the two parties.

Sample Business Contract Agreement:

This specific agreement is has been made on 24th of October, 2010 and is valid between Jack Doe (the “author”) residing at:

Gun Lane, Hell Place,

CA 99959,


Scott Arts Company ( the licensee)  whose business address is:

Main Street, Hamilton,

CA 99989,

In regards to licensing for paintings.


The Author will be the creator of the ‘work’ and also the proprietor of all properties as per the ‘work’. He also guarantees that the work won’t violate privileges of any third party.


The design and layout of the work are at the discretion of the Licensee. The Author can give proposals to the Licensee in terms of design and it may be agreed by the Licensee as he is not duty-bound to the suggestions of the Author. Licensee can apply similar theme or tile for another work for other products and does not need to pay any royalty to the Author. But he will have to pay royalty for copied work using the same theme.


Author guarantees that the Licensee will own the copyright to all his works.

This agreement will be governed as per the state laws of California, where the licensee’s headquarter is located.

Date:24th October,2010

Jack Doe                                                 Danny Boyle

Author                                          Owner, Scott Arts Company

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