A business consulting contract is a legal understanding between the consultant company and the interested owner organization to avail the consultancy services.

Sample Business Consulting Contract:

Serial Contract Number: 345- B

Date of the contract: October 13th, 2010

This business contract is a legal and official understanding between the Terrific consulting Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter called as the consultant AND Iceberg Products Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter called the Owner organization, where the owner organization is willing to hire the services of the consultant and the consultant is interested to work for the owner organization.

The consultant can be contacted at:

56/ H, North Zone Building,

Sun Rise Road, Ottawa, Canada

Phone Number: 6849 584 3208

The owner organization can be contacted at:

34/ D, Sky High Building,

Industrial Area, Toronto Canada

Phone Number: 5839 684 5683

The contract is commencing on October 23rd, 2010 and ending on October 23rd 2012.

Underneath are the official working clause and conditions:

(a) Job Duties & Professional Assignments:

The consultant will be responsible for organizing small consulting campaigns to convey the exact product information to the people. For this assignment, the owner organization will help the consultant to bring good traffic to the consulting outlets.

(b) Payment terms:

The consultant will be receiving $ 45 per customer or per sale. Initially, the consultant has to make a payment of $ 456 to get the Authentication rights of the owner organization.

(c) Processing charges:

The total amount of documentation charges inclusive of solicitor fees will be paid by the owner organization.

(d) Termination:

Any violation by the owner organization and the consultant will result to the termination of the contract.

Hereby, both the parties are requested to signature the given section for contract acceptance:

Signature:  (owner organization)

Joy Marko

Signature: (Consultant)

Freda Hamilton

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