A business consultant contract is a contract made between two parties one of whom is a consulting entity providing consulting services to the other party. Hiring consultants is a regular practice amongst all the business entities. The consultants help the hiring firm in facilitating the operations of the respective firm.

Sample Business Consultant Contract

This contract has been prepared and is being entered by Jonathan & Jason Ltd. (to be referred as the company) and Halley Consultants Co. Ltd. (to be referred to as consultant) on the below mentioned date.

Date of contract signing: 27th December 2012

Date of beginning of the consulting period: 1st January 2013

Date of expiry of the consulting period: 31st December 2014

As per the statement of the contract the consultant are being hired by the company to provide the required consulting services. The consultants are required to assist the employees and the organisation as a whole in any management, operational, planning and financial etc. matters of the firm.

Details of the company:

Name: Jonathan & Jason Ltd.

Under Signatory: Mr. Jason Rushford

Office Location: 56, Piston Street, Pennsylvania, USA.

Contact No.: 158954735

Details of the consultant:

Name: Halley Consultants Co. Ltd.

Under Signatory: Ms. Faith Bomber

Office Address: 4873, St. Peter Avenue, Pennsylvania, USA.

Contact No.: 754155562

Terms and Conditions:

4. The consultants will be made the yearly consultation fee in the first month of every year, till the expiry of the contract.

5. The consultants are required to meet all the consultation requirements of the company on any and every matter as found suitable by the company.

6. The consultants are required to maintain proper records of the projects, agendas, events etc. on which the consultation has been provided.

7. The contract is legally binding to all the involved parties.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Jason Rushford                        Ms. Faith Bomber


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