A Business Consultancy Services contract is a contract which is signed between a consultant or consultancy firm and a person or a company who is requires services of thatconsultant or that firm.

A business consultant or the firm generally provides information and support to the other party that will help them run their business smoothly in today’s competitive scenario or provides information related to the future strategies of the company. Generally, the task taken is being executed in the form of a project. Consultants could also be hired to install some hardware or software and imparting training to the employees regarding that hardware or software.

The contract generally includes information regarding the services being offered by the consultant/firm to the person/company engaging the former, the time period within which the task has to be accomplished, payment terms and conditions (that includes total payment for rendering the services, payment mode, terms and conditions, breakage of the payment, any reimbursements if applicable, etc.), division of the entire project into various smaller tasks that could be used to keep a tab on the progress of the project, termination clauses, etc. It abides both the parties to follow the terms and conditions being agreed on before the commencement of the contract.

Sample Business Consultancy Services Contract:

Business Consultancy Services Contract

Download Business Consultancy Services Contract


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