A business confidentiality contract is a legal document which is commenced between the two interested business entities in order to initiate some new business and to preserve the private information from the external parties.

Sample Business Confidentiality Contract:

Contract number; 78/ BCC

Date; February 14th, 2011

This business confidentiality contract is made & entered between Samantha Sales Pvt .Ltd, Address: Office no: 10, 5th floor, Spencer Building, New York, America, hereinafter known as the client Party


Rainbow Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office no: 13, Wing- H, Sun Rise Building, New York, America, hereinafter known as the owner party.

Together known as both the parties

Hereby, both the parties are ready to commence the new business relationship by accepting the confidentiality term for information protection.

This contract is starting from February 15th, 2011.

Considerations & Restrictions:

Duties & Responsibilities:

The client party will receive a fixed lot of cutting equipments for monthly sales and will pay $ 56780 to the owner party on the 1st of every month, whereas the owner party will deliver the ordered lot within a week.

Confidentiality conditions:

Both the parties will preserve the business data & information from the third party and will ensure that any kind of information outflow should not happen in the future. The data related to finance and other terms can only be shared between the top management of both the companies.


In case of any information leakage and violation to the above mentioned terms, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Acceptance of the Business Confidentiality Contract:

Client Party:                                                                                                      Owner Party:

Tina Grey                                                                                                               Peter Spencer

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