A business co-operation contract is a contract documented when a business organization invests in another organization and helps in running that organization. The contract mentions details about both the parties especially the contact details and the percentage of products to be distributed in domestic market and international market.

Sample Business Co-operation Contract:

According to the laws of investment of the state of New Jersey, Ron Manufactures Ltd wishes to carry out investment in Tin Garments in the form of a business co-operation from 24th December 2010. The contact details of both the parties are mentioned as below:

Name: Ron Manufactures Ltd

Address: 2345 James Ivory Road, New York, New jersey 5678.

Name: Tin Garments

Address: 8945 Aspen East Road, New York, New Jersey 7812.

Both the parties entering the contract have to follow the following terms and conditions:

  1. Location: The business will be carried out in the city of New York.
  2. Responsibilities of both the parties: Ron Manufactures Ltd will be responsible in contributing the capital required to carry out the production. The other party Tin Garments will be responsible for carrying out the whole production process.
  3. Termination of contract: The contract can be terminated at any point of time by either of the parties. The party terminating the contract has to give a notice period of one month before terminating it.
  4. Expiry of the contract: On the occasion of expiry of the contract all the liabilities should be cleared equally.

The terms and conditions have been accepted by both the parties and their signature is mentioned below:

Jack Daniels                                                                                                      John Woo

(CEO, Ron Manufactures Ltd)                                                               (CEO, Tin Garments)

Dated: 22nd December 2010                                                                  Dated: 22nd December 2010

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