A business broker contract is a kind of a formal agreement which is made between a business broker or brokerage firm and a business company. In such a contract, the broker is hired by the company to help in either buying another company or selling off a unit or the entire business to another organisation. A business broker contract is a legal document which must have certain clauses and terms which both the parties must agree to and abide by during the effective period of the contract. A sample of one such business broker contract has been given below for help.

Sample Business Broker Contract

This contract has been brought into effect on 9th April, 2013

Effective period of contract: 12 months

Termination date of contract: 9th April 2014

This contract has been formed by and between the parties with the following titles and details:

Business Broker

Name of the company: Greg Brokerage firm

Address of the company: D-90, Mathews Street, London

Phone number: 47309570935

Business Company

Name of the company: Jackson Pvt Ltd

Address of the company: Q-56/f, second floor, Henry tower, London

Contact number: 4730955039

Details of Brokerage Services

The BUSINESS BROKER shall help the COMPANY in finding buyers who agree to buy the COMPANY for a good price. The BUSINESS BROKER would be entitled to 5% of the deal amount.

Terms and Conditions

  • The BUSINESS BROKER agrees to find buyers or other business organizations who would be interested in buying the COMPANY.
  • The COMPANY agrees to pay 5% of the amount in which it is sold to other business organizations.
  • The BUSINESS BROKER must only look for real estate companies as the COMPANY is a real estate developer based in London.

Signatures of the Parties

Greg Nicholson

Kell Jackson

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