A business associate contract is a legal document drafted whenever a business associate is hired by a business organization to assist in business activities. The contract mentions details like the role and responsibilities of the business associate in the organization, the remuneration that he is supposed to receive etc.

Sample Business Associate Contract:

This contract has been drafted on 22nd December 2010 between John Goodwill Ltd, the organization and Jack Daniels, the business associate according to the state laws of Los Angeles.

The contract begins on 24th December 2010 and will end on 24th December 2012.

The terms and conditions for the business associate are as follows:

a)   The business associate will be paid a remuneration of $5000 on a monthly basis.

b)   The business associate cannot disclose any confidential information about the organization. If he is found doing so, his contract will be terminated without any prior notice.

c)   The business associate will make use of the vital information provided appropriately and safeguard it.

d)   The business associate will have to document all the information provided to him.

e)   If the business associate decides to cancel the contract he needs to give one month notice prior to cancellation.

f)    The business associate has to record the internal policies and procedures of the company in a timely manner. He can make amendments to the policies and procedures prior to which he needs to take permission.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above conditions as they have enclosed their signature.

Henry Miller                                                                      Jack Daniels

(On behalf of John Goodwill Ltd)

Dated: 22/12/2010                                                            Dated: 22/12/2010

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