A business agreement contract is a document which is signed between two entities i.e. business entities/ firms. This sort of contracts records the deal which has been reached between the involved business entities. The contract gives all the relevant details of the agreement such as the information of the parties, the terms of the arrangement etc. The sample provided below can be used as a reference business agreement contract:

Sample Business Agreement Contract

The contract is being prepared by and signed between M/s Halley Fabrics Ltd. and M/s Lionel & Henry Fabrics Ltd. as on the 25th of February 2012.

The contract states that M/s Halley Fabrics Ltd will supply the specified amount of the fabrics to M/s Lionel & Henry Fabrics Ltd. as on the delivery date decided.

Order Details:

Fabric no. 3273: 10 units

Fabric no. 4632: 20 units

Fabric no. 39387: 15 units

Delivery date: 5th March 2012.

Details of the Supplier:

Official Name: M/s Halley Fabrics Ltd

Authorized personnel: Ms. Halley Henderson

Position: C.E.O.

Contact No.: 589-74-834

Details of Buyer:

Official Name: M/s Lionel & Henry Fabrics Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Henry Roth

Job Position: C.E.O.

Contact No.: 589-47-494

Terms of the Contract:

  1. The piece rate has been mutually negotiated between the parties.
  2. The delivery must be made before or on, but no later than the delivery date mentioned.
  3. The delivery arrangements are responsibility of the supplier.
  4. The payment will be made once the delivery is made and the buyer is satisfied.


_____________________________ (Ms. Halley Henderson)

_____________________________ (Mr. Henry Roth)

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