A building maintenance contract is used as the official evidence between the building owner and the contractor hired for the maintenance of the building. This type of contract includes the payment details for the maintenance work, specifications of the buildings involved in the contract included and commitment clauses.

Sample Building Maintenance Contract:

Building Maintenance contract Number: 11/ MC

This building maintenance is entered between Mr. Adam K. Brian, hereinafter known as the landlord, AND, Mr. Andrew Pascal, hereinafter referred as the maintenance contractor.

Permanent address details of the parties:

  • The Landlord

Address:  #169, Springfield Blvd, AL, USA

Phone: 877 675 5434

  • The maintenance contractor

Address: #132, Springfield Blvd , AL, USA

Working Phone: 893 876 2311

This contract is commencing on December 12th, 2011 and is ending on December 28th, 2011.

  • Details of the building for maintenance involved:

Address: House no. #178, Oak Dr, AL, USA

Hereby, to obey the Land contract loan, following mentioned are the conditions:

  • Payment:

The landlord has to pay maintenance contractor an amount $600 for maintenance work with an additional cost of the material and service taxes that contractor would use for maintenance work.

  • Obligations & Responsibilities of contractor:

Contractor has to work on the maintenance of the building involving wall paint, repair of the damages already in the building and cleaning tasks.

  • Termination

The contract can be terminated by any of the party by giving a written notice within the notice period. Also, If any violation and misconduct is recorded from any of the parties, this contract will be dissolved.


Hence, Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Signature of the Owner:

Mr. Adam K Brian

Singed by the Maintenance Contractor:

Mr. Andrew Pascal

Signature of the Witness:

Kathy Parker

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