A building construction contract is a legal document signed between two parties one being the constructor/ Construction Company and the party that needs to get the construction work done. It lays down the terms and conditions to be followed for the course of the contract.

Sample Building Construction Contract

Building Construction Contract

Download Building Construction Contract

This contract is being signed between Mr. James Mathews and Ms Karen O’Connell as on the date 13th May 2009 with effect from 15th May 2009. The services required are construction of a multi- storey building.

Date of commencement: 15th May 2009

Date of Completion: 30th April 2010

Details of Constructor/ construction Co.:

Name: Mr. James Mathews

Official Address: 10 New York Plaza, New York, NY 1005

Contact No.: (212) 345- 4521

Details of Contractor:

Name: Ms Karen O’Connell

Official Address: New York 79 Spring Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10019

Contact No.: 574 409- 8201

Details of the construction property:

Address: 230 Hooper Ave, Toms River, New Jersey, NJ

Terms and Conditions of the contract :

  1. The construction work must be completed before or on the date decided as completion date.
  2. Any delay in completing the construction work from constructor implies a penalty on the constructor.
  3. The constructor will be paid all the due service fee and cost of all material used in three installments: 30% 1st month, 30% 5th month and rest on completion.
  4. The service fee is that agreed at in the tender and is non- negotiable.
  5. The building should be constructed in compliance with all legal norms.

Signature Of the Parties:

____________________                                              _________________________

Mr. James Mathews                                                             Ms. Karen O’Connell


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