A breach employment contract, as the name depicts, is a termination contract which can be revised between the employer (individual/ organization) and the employee in case of disputes.

Sample Breach of Employment Contract

Contract Number: 123- D

Effective date of contract: October 12th, 2010

This breach contract is agreed by the employer organization Sun Light Pvt. Ltd and the employee Mr. Hennery Rutherford, whereas Mr. Rutherford was appointed as Manager- Finance a year ago.

Both parties had an employment contract document which was entered on October 15th, 2009 and was ending on October 15th, 2011. Due to official issues, the employee and the employer organization are unable to resolve the disputes.

Hereby, the employee agrees to underneath breach clauses prepared by the employer in order to terminate the contract:

(a)Employee will not get engage in any kind of internal affair & meetings and will continue to the normal job reunite. He has no right to discuss any policy and ask for any secret information from any of the company employees.

(b)Employee will hand over all the necessary documentation to the HR department and will be held responsible if any of the confidential paper goes missing and found lost during this process.

(c) Employee is requested to leave the job position after completion of the HR procedure and will receive his monthly allowances and dues shortly.

(d)If the employee encountered with any issue in terms of document release and funds, he or she can contact to the HR department.

Please note: All the above mentioned clauses are processed by revising the employment contract term & conditions.

Signature of the employer:                                               Designation:

Jane Peterson                                                                    General Manager- Finance

Signature of HR manager:

Tim Fisherman

Signature of the Employee:

Hennery Rutherford

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