A booth rental contract is made when a party wants to rent a booth for any exhibit purpose. This contract is made between the OWNER and the TENANT. This document consists of the terms and conditions based on which both the parties sign the contract on mutual understanding basis.

Sample booth rental contract

This contract is made between two parties known as the OWNER and the TENANT.

This contract is made effective on the date: 28’Th Jan, 2011

The details of both the parties are given as following:


Name: Mr. Mack David

Mr. David is the manager of the Greg Halls and is responsible for allotting spaces for exhibition purposes.

Address: T-8, Lawson estate, London

Phone: 432894795895


Name: Mr. Ralph Mathew

Mr. Mathew owns a wholesale jewellery business and would like to rent a booth in Greg Halls

Address: 23-P, mark district, London

Phone: 463894789373

The TENANT will be using the booth for 2 days.

Timings of booth usage: 10am to 6pm

Purpose: jewellery exhibit in the international jewellery display exhibition

Total rent to be paid: $500

The amount shall be paid after the jewellery exhibit is over

Terms and conditions:

  • The TENANT shall use the booth only for the given purpose and not exceeding the time mentioned.
  • The TENANT shall keep the booth away from any kind of damage.
  • The OWNER shall hand over the booth space in a proper condition and shape.
  • The OWNER shall not interfere in the TENANT’s work during the booth usage.


Mack David               Ralph Mathew

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