A boat purchase contract is a document that is made between the BUYER and the SELLER of a boat. This is a document that is legal in nature and violation of its terms and conditions can lead to legal implications.

Sample boat purchase contract:

This contract is made between two parties who are herein referred to as the BUYER and the SELLER.

Mr. Paul Mathew is herein known as the SELLER and agrees to sell his boat to the BUYER.

Address of SELLER: A-9, mark avenue, CA

Phone: 4709387489307

Mr. Ray D’Souza is herein known as the BUYER and agrees to purchase a boat from the SELLER.

Address of BUYER: 12-P, Jacob Street, CA

Phone: 4793875084973

Details of the boat:

Name: Anthony’s Nest

Model number: 123-P

Registration number: P-45#3

Color: White

Purchase amount: $2000

The total payment shall be made two weeks prior to the possession date

Possession date: 1st March, 2011

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The BUYER agrees to make the payment on time and in cash.
  • The SELLER agrees to sell the boat in proper shape and condition. There shall be no scratches or marks on the boat.
  • The BUYER cannot use the boat for smuggling or any other illegal purpose. If found to do so, he shall be punished under the federal laws of the state.
  • The SELLER should provide all the documents related to the boat including its registration and insurance papers to the BUYER at the time of possession.


Paul Mathew                 Ray D’Souza

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