A bike sale contract is made between the owner organization/ individual and the buyer individual/ organization to sell the bike. This contract includes information about the bike, seller party and the buyer.

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Sample Bike Sales Contract:

Auto Contract Number:  123/ L

Date of the contract: October 13th, 2010

This bike sales contract is legal understanding commenced by and between Mr. Larry Timberlake, hereinafter referred as the seller party residing at: Watson 23/ J, J- Wing, Apartments, Toronto Canada AND Mr.  Jack Carry, hereinafter called as the buyer party located at: House No: 34/ J, New Shine Road, Toronto, Canada.

The bike model to be sold:

Brand: Yamaha

Model: 2009

Condition: Good

Mileage: 35km/ 1 Ltr

The papers of the bike should be transferred to the name of Mr. Peter Carry who is the Son of Mr. Jack Carry.

Underneath are the promises and legal commitments made by both the parties:

Sellers Obligations:

The seller party has to arrange the legal procedure of transferring the bike to the name of the buyer party, where the seller will accept the total payment from the buyer.

Payment Terms:

The buyer party will make a payment of $ 1000 to the seller party inclusive of all taxes and is advised to collect the receipt for the same.

Expenses & Fees:

The total changes of the name transfer and documentation will be adjusted by both the parties.


The termination clause can take place within 15 days from the date of contract, if the buyer is not satisfied with the committed performance of the bike and is willing to claim.

Therefore, the seller party and the buyer party will sign the contract as following:

Signature of the seller party:

Larry Timberlake

Signature of the buyer party:

Jack Carry

>Jack Williams

Signature of the Buyer:

Sheena Smith

Witness 1:

Lisa Ray


Sonia Hudson

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