Basic Vendor Contract is a legal document between two parties where in one is known the vendor and the other is known as the Vendee. Vendor is referred as the seller of a product and Vendee is the Buyer. These types of contract have terms and conditions which are mutually decided between both the parties.

Sample Basic Vendor Contract

Contract number: – BVC/34

This contract is signed between

ABC corp. hereafter referred to as the vendor with office address of

1st Avenue, 3rd street

Toronto, Canada


XYZ Lyd hereafter referred to as the Vendee, with office address of

34th Turn Road,

Churchill, United Kingdom

The Vendor owns a suiting and shirting business and the vendee agrees to buy cloth materials from the vendor for the duration of the contract.

Total cost of materials: $10000 per month

Both the parties enter into an agreement under the following conditions:-

  • Date of commencement of agreement is 31st October 2010.
  • Contract is valid for a period of 2 years and after that it will be extended for a period of 1 year.
  • All the expenses and costs shall be borne by the Vendee.
  • ABC corp. is in no way liable to pay for any damages which are out of its control.
  • Willful occurrence of loss by ABC corp. will have to borne by the Vendor.
  • All the notices and information shall be accepted only in written form.

Here after, the contract comes into existence.

Signature of Vendor

ABC Corp.

Signature of Vendee

XYZ ltd.

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