An aviation training contract is a written formal document which is framed when an aviation trainer and trainee agree to certain mutually decided terms and conditions based upon which the trainer shall provide aviation training to the trainee. These contracts are legally binding in nature and must be formally drafted with the help of a legal aid. Given below is one such sample of an aviation training contract which can be used as a reference document.

Sample Aviation Training Contract:

Aviation training contract Number: D-89T

Date of Registration in training program: 23rd June 2011

This Aviation training contract is made and entered by Mr. Fredrick Gregory who is the Owner of the aviation training institute which is located at 45-H,east street North Washington


Mr. Fred Black hereafter known as the TRAINEE staying at permanent address: 34/k, marksword road, Washington and with contact number: 47032947034

As per the contract, the trainer will provide training to the trainee.

Training Specifications:

  • Timings: 7am-2 pm, every Saturday and Sunday
  • Length of training: 12 months
  • Training course name: Pilot training

Following mentioned are the covenants and conditions for both the parties:

  • Obligations:

The trainer is responsible for the safety of the trainee during the training period and must provide a certificate to him after the termination of contract.

  • Payment Terms:

The trainer shall pay a total sum of $1000 to the training institute at the commencement date of training which is 4th September 2011

  • Termination:

The contract can get cancelled in case if there is any kind of violation to the above mentioned terms.

Signatures of the parties:

Fredrick Gregory

Fred Black

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