An automobile purchase contract is an official document drafted when an individual referred to as the purchaser wants to purchase an automobile owned by another individual referred to as the seller. The automobile details are mentioned in the contract along with the purchase price and the clauses that both the parties need to agree to.

Sample Automobile Purchase Contract

Automobile Purchase Contract Number: AP 3456

Effective date of contract: 10th of December 2011

This purchase agreement contract has been drafted and entered into between Shane Watson referred to as the purchaser residing at 34 Tom Harry Road, New York, New Jersey 5678 and Ravi Sharma referred to as the seller residing at 21 Moby Dick Road, New York, New Jersey 5645 where in the purchaser agrees to purchase the automobile owned by the seller.

Details of the automobile:

Automobile type: Car

Color of the automobile: Red

Automobile Manufacturer Company: Ford

Date of manufacturing the automobile: 20th of December 2004

Automobile registration number: AR567

Terms and conditions:

  1. Purchase price: The purchase price of the automobile is $5000.
  2. Payment mode: The purchaser has to pay the fifty percent of the purchase price before the contract effective date and rest of the price after receiving the automobile.
  3. Insurance: After taking the possession of the automobile, the purchaser has to continue paying the automobile insurance premium.
  4. Assurance: the seller assures that he has cleared all outstanding amounts like the automobile insurance and automobile repairing charges.

In agreement to above conditions:

Signature of purchaser:                                               Signature of seller:

Shane Watson                                                                   Ravi Sharma

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