An auto lease contract is produced between an auto company and a customer (lessee) for hiring the vehicles for personal or official purpose. An auto lease contract is an official document and is based on the certain official commitments.

Sample Auto Lease Contract:

Contract Number: 56/ AL

Date: December 24th, 2010

This auto lease contract is created and understood between: James Auto Pvt. Ltd, located at: Plot No: 12, Industrial estate, Spencer Road, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the lessor company.


Wilson Marketing put. Ltd, address: Shop No: 45, Wind- D, Arcade Plaza, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter known as the lessee company.

Details of the auto lease contract:

Name of the brand: Honda

Category: Luxury

Quantity: 10

Official Status:  All registered vehicles

Purpose of the contract: official

This auto lease contract is starting from December 26th, 2010 and is terminating on December 26th, 2012.

Following mentioned term & conditions are committed between both the parties:

Lessor company obligations:

The lessor company is responsible for handing over the vehicles on the committed date along with the full documentation, including license.

Lessee company duties:

The lessee company will be responsible for the maintenance of vehicles. In case of any accidental damage, the lessee company will get the damaged vehicles repaired.

Payment clause:

The lessee company has already paid amount of $ 45600 as the advanced payment and the monthly rental is decided at $ 4500 for every vehicle. The date of rental submission is 5th of every month for the committed duration of the contract.

Termination conditions:

The termination can be considered in case if any unsettled issue is occurred or if any of the parties are not willing to continue the contract.

Validation of the contract:

Signature of the Lessor Company:

Chris Brown

Singed by the Lessee Company:

Adriana Timberlake

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