An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Contract is a legal document which is drafted when an individual wish to rent out his residential property to some other individual for a fixed amount of monthly rent. This type of tenancy contact is generally entered for a period of 6 to 12 months. In this types of contract the landlord as well as the tenant agrees to the minimum amount of rent as well the terms and conditions and it also enables the tenant to stay in the property for the fixed initial period.

Sample Assured Shorthold Tenancy Contract:

This Assured Shorthold Tenancy Contract is being entered on 12th of February, 2011-03-21 between

Mr. John Watson referred to as the landlord


Mr. Thomas William referred to as the tenant.

For renting the residential property of Mr. John for a period 12 months.

The details of the property are as follows:

Address: 67/98, Square Plaza, Hudson Lane, North Dakota.

Area of the Property: 2000 Sq feet

No: of rooms- 2 Bedrooms, 2 Toilets, 1 kitchen and a storeroom

Terms are Conditions agreed by both the parties:

  1. The tenant will pay a monthly rent of $1000 on 1st of every month
  2. A security deposit of $10,000 will be paid by the tenant which will be refunded at the end of the contract
  3. The repair and maintenance charges have to be borne by the landlord
  4. The landlord cannot ask the tenant to vacate the property for the first 6 months until and unless tenant is indulged in any kind of illegal activities.

Both the Parties agree to the above terms and conditions and thus put their signature below:

John Watson                                               Thomas William

[Landlord]                                          [Tenant]

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