An Artist investment contract is a legal document which is formed between an artist and an investor. This contract is written in a formal manner and is made when the investor wishes to invest for the development of the artist’s career.

Artist Management Contract Template

Artist Management Contract Template

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Investment Contract Template

Investment Contract Template

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Sample artist investment contract:

Contract code: DF-78s

This contract is made effective on the date 12th June, 2011

This contract is made between Mr. Joseph Fred who is referred to as the ‘ARTIST’ and Mr. John Garner who is referred to as the ‘INVESTOR’. This contract is made for the purpose of the building and development of the career of the artist as a music composer.

Details of the ARTIST

Address: RF-block 4, building 3, Riverend Street, CA

Contact number: 4798740055050

Recording name of the artist: Joseph

Details of the INVESTOR

Address: 56-L, main garden road, LA

Contact number: 4739750950406

This contract is made under the following terms and conditions:

  • The INVESTOR shall invest an amount of $40000 in favour of the artist. This amount shall be paid as onetime payment.
  • The ARTIST shall have to pay 10% of each endorsement, recording, album and performance to the INVESTOR.
  • An account shall be made of all the amount to be paid to the Investor and must be paid together after each month during the length of the contract
  • This contract shall be in effect till 24 months after the effective date.
  • The contract will terminate in the case when the ARTIST fails to pay the due amount and any other case of misconduct.


Joseph Fred

John Garner

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