Whenever a major label or company hires an artist (usually in the music field) to sing for an album or compose music, a contract is formed between the artist and the label and this contract is known as an artist development deal contract. An artist development deal contract is made so that the label can hold the right to manage the publicity, marketing and other such things related to the artist and the album.  This means that the label takes control over the publishing rights and the management of the artist.  It promises to develop the skills and the public image of the artist by the means of such a contract.

An artist development deal contract is a formal and legally binding document which must consist of the details of both the artist as well as the music label. The contract should state the exact time period for which the artist shall be under the label’s managerial range.  Such contracts can be extensive in nature, which means that they may discuss each of the terms and conditions in a lot of detail so that there is no confusion in the future during the contract.  The salary, benefits and other such perks should also be mentioned in the contract.

Sample Artist Development Deal Contract:

Artist Development Deal Contract

Download Artist Development Deal Contract

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