Artist development contract is a usually a first contract between an artist and an organization who helps to develop the career of the artist. Such types of deals are mostly helpful for the upcoming artist where company takes control over the artist’s career.

Sample Artist development contract

Contract no: – 23-AC

This Artist development contract commences on 23rd August 2010 by and between Nanda Inc. and Mr. Daniel Sam.

The company wants the artist to perform under its own rules and regulations where as the recording artist wishes to perform exclusively. Hence, the following terms and conditions are.


  • The contract is initially valid for a period of two years, and commences on the provided date
  • The contract automatically gets renewed for an additional year unless it gets terminated due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • If either of the parties wishes to terminate the contract then a prior notice of 30 days should be given to the other party.’


  • The artist shall perform on the dates, venue and time decided by the company
  • Other co-artists, props for performing, stage settings are all decided by the company and the artist has no say.
  • All cost of performing is to be borne by the company


  • The company is entitled to pay the artist the advance draft of $1000 and thereafter, a monthly draft payment of $500.
  • The artist is entitled to get 2% of the profit from each of his performance.

Hereafter, the contract is said to be valid.

Daniel Sam                 Brag Nanda

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